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James Franco & Chris O'Dowd

TheTimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, NYC
Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee James Franco (“127 Hours,” “Milk”) and BAFTA Scotland® winner Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids,” “Girls,” “Calvary”) make their Broadway debuts in John Steinbeck’s landmark American play, “Of Mice and Men,” directed by Anna D. Shapiro, with performances starting March 19. Don’t miss hearing these exciting talents talk about co–starring in the classic play and about their work and careers. Interviewed by New York Times culture reporter Melena Ryzik.

David Letterman - Was James Franco Looking For Big Booty?
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David Letterman - Was James Franco Looking For Big Booty?
Did James really stay in character during the filming of “Spring Breakers”?

James Franco Is A Natural Deep Throater

James Franco is naturally talented at so many things (examples: inducing the dry heaves with just a few words, inducing the dry heaves with his art, inducing the faps by taking off his shirt [I’m disgustingly easy]), but his biggest natural talent of all his natural talents is that he can deep throat like his last name’s Travolta. So if James Franco’s careers as a movie star, writer, artist, director, soap star, producer, gay messiah and pop culture savior don’t work out, he can be a professional deep throater.

Details says that in Spring Breakers, James Franco gives a beej to a pistol and goes all the way down it. They bring this up during their interview with him and also bring up James Franco’s beej scene in his movie The Broken Tower. If you want to make a “not impressed,” face then click on this NSFW link to see James Franco put his deep throat skills to work on a dildo.


Watch: The First Trailer For ‘Spring Breakers’ Is Out!

Back in August we got our first look at the new Selena Gomez, James Franco film Spring Breakers that is, unsurprisingly, due out this Spring. From everything that I’ve seen about this film, I presumed it was a light-hearted comedy. Based on the film’s first trailer, which you can watch in full above, it looks like a much darker film than I anticipated. Check out the trailer and get a real taste for what’s in store when Spring Breakers hits theaters this year. I still cannot get over the Kevin Federline-ness of James Franco in this film but I think I might be able to get over that just to see how badly these girls behave on Spring Break.