Admit it, you like me. You like me a lot. What is it about me that you like? Oh, pretty much everything: my oversize self-confidence, my relentless charm, the way I get so worked up and passionate about things—even my deep despair, and my belief that no one hurts, no one really feels sorrow, the way I do. You can't help it, you're drawn to me. And that's fine, because I am pretty fascinating. Unfortunately, new research shows that eventually you'll tire of me. Just like all the others, your initial adoration will give way to exhaustion and disdain for the way everything I do is somehow centered around me. (Why shouldn't it be? I'm amazing!) It's a sorry state of affairs, and I'll be sad to see you go, but you know what? I'm fucking awesome. I'll make new friends. Because people cannot get enough of me.


James Franco & Chris O'Dowd

TheTimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, NYC
Golden Globe winner and Academy Award nominee James Franco (“127 Hours,” “Milk”) and BAFTA Scotland® winner Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids,” “Girls,” “Calvary”) make their Broadway debuts in John Steinbeck’s landmark American play, “Of Mice and Men,” directed by Anna D. Shapiro, with performances starting March 19. Don’t miss hearing these exciting talents talk about co–starring in the classic play and about their work and careers. Interviewed by New York Times culture reporter Melena Ryzik.

David Letterman - Was James Franco Looking For Big Booty?
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David Letterman - Was James Franco Looking For Big Booty?
Did James really stay in character during the filming of “Spring Breakers”?